LICEO SANTA BERNARDITA "Educamos para Ser, Saber y Saber Hacer"
Start learning English since childhood is the best time. Children have a great aptitude to acquire the second language through repetition and imitation of sounds. They are extremely curious, interested and enthusiastic about learning new things. Santa Bernardita School is a warm place to learn; children have the possibility to increase their knowledge through play, and providing them environments that allow exploring the senses including visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile. These activities are summarized in chants, songs, rhymes, dances, games, videos, arts, and crafts. In our school, the English learning is connected and integrated with other areas of the curriculum, as is the case of READER. Language is used to learn and as well as to communicate Science contents, through interesting tasks. Children demonstrate confidence in their abilities, because is right here where they can explore and try things out. Teachers are all the time monitoring their steps bi giving them feedback and support.
Correo Institucional Plataforma Académica

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